Friday, September 7, 2012

Posts Sept. 1 - Sept. 7

Blogger's Note: I know that when I started I stated I would generally refrain from commenting on the comments, but I feel a bit of an introduction is warranted on this one. You see, people like Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown love to claim that they do not hate gays and lesbians. And this very well may be true - Brown even rallied against the Southern Poverty Law Center's decision to label the Family Research Council as a hate group. They may not be motivated by by hatred of homosexuals. However, someone recently went undercover at NOM's Ruth Institute's "It Takes a Family to Raise a Village" conference, and found some shocking things. Needless to say, there is some underlying animus amongst NOM and especially amongst its supporters.

If you asked NOM's supporters (the ones allowed to comment freely on their board, as I've well-established), gays are "needing of a psychiatrist" "immoral" and "unhealthy." Some will parse words and say that they do not hate gay people, but they hate the gay lifestyle and think that homosexuality itself is immoral. But what is the difference? It would be akin to saying "I don't hate you, I just hate your religion" (Religion is a choice, after all - much like the religious right contends of homosexuality). The thing is so many other groups, be they minority or majority identify themselves based on a behavior or set of behaviors. Suddenly the majority plays the victim card because they feel they are being unfairly characterized as having animus towards a minority simply because they "disapprove of a lifestyle."

And yet it goes so far beyond "disapproving of a lifestyle." "Gays are mentally unstable," "Gays are illogical," "Gays are just friends," "Gays dress in leather chaps" who "Look at children as products," and are people who "Want to corrupt marriage." The problem with this kind of rhetoric is that it goes far beyond merely stating one's position - it is justifying one's position with lies and stereotypes. And when one believes all of the lies and stereotypes as justifications for a particular position (one that's not based on hatred, mind you), it is not far off to call for more than simply "defending marriage." People call for gays to be put behind an electrified fence to "die off". If that is not horrible enough, these people are then applauded for their position. There are also people who want to see homosexuality criminalized

My point is that groups like NOM and its supporters are not simply motivated by the belief that "marriage is one man one woman." They fear a great cultural shift because they legitimately have animus towards homosexuals. They fear having children who will "accept homosexuality," and deliberately mischaracterize the love two men or two women have for each other as being akin to the love brothers feel for each other or sisters feel for each other. And yet none of this is hatred in their eyes. Yet the moment someone calls them out on it, that person is immediately identified as being "hateful" of someone "Defending marriage."

With all of that said, I now present comments for the week of September 1 - 7. I will do my best to upload deleted comments, however my comments are no longer being sent through the filter - they don't even appear after I send them to try and get a screencap - almost as if NOM does not think anything I say, however respectful, is worthy of their comments board, simply because it is a reasoned dissent. So I ask all of my readers (all two of them) to please help out and send submissions to and help with this ongoing project of mine. Thank you. 

From Daughter of Eve

There is no way homosexual behavior has anything to do with love. Lust? Yes. Selfish gratification? Yes. Pride--as in arrogance, yes, but nothing to do with personal dignity, or self confidence born of achievement or personal virtue.

From Fitz

Jon (writes)
"For every "loonie" on the left there is a loonie on the right."
Don't believe it.. Only under political pressure was homosexuality taken of the list of mental disorders/ The Evelyn Hooker study simply proved that you could be gay & mentally stable.....NOT that homosexuals were as mentally stable as heterosexuals on average.
Their are many, many more mentally unstable homosexuals amongst the same-sex "marriage" movement.
One can see it in the illogical and personal nature that they defend their cause..

First one from M. Jones
I am sick listening to the Democrats applaud the idea of killing babies, corruption of marriage, and promoting homosexuality while glorifying single motherhood.

The old-testament loving leviticus 
I wonder how many states will succeed [sic] from the union if Obama is reelected because of this Homosexual marriage equality nonsense.

Second one from M. Jones
Someone needs to educate Democrats, that same-sex friendships are simply not marriages, and they never will be.

Second one from Overcame SSA 
Most people are not paying attention to the DNC, and I would wager to say that most people do not know that the Democrat platform promotes homosexual "marriage."
I'm telling my Republican friends who are on the fence because they think Romney "doesn't have a plan," that I too am waiting for a plan, but what really gets me is that the Democrats are so out of touch with my social beliefs; that they believe that marriage is no longer just for men and women, but for homosexual couples.

I hope that at the DNC they bring out two guys in leather chaps to hug and kiss one another on stage. That is the "CHANGE" that Obama wants; an America that none of us recognizes.
That will seal the deal for the Republicans.

Overcame SSA seems to like appearing here
Theoretically, if we want what's best for the children, we would take all of the poor children from their poor parents and give them to rich people. It is essentially the same argument that the homosexualists [sic] make; that is, that the child's parents (real parents) do not matter.
But what's "best" for the child is not merely a function of financial or educational success and being able to function in society; there is also the huge immeasurable psychological component that comes with being connected to the people that created you and being connected to the extended family of people who share your genetic make-up. Homosexuals look at children as mere products and their parents as just manufacturers of the product. I hypothesize that this attitude comes from the same psychological disturbance that led to the homosexuality in the first place.

The recent vindication of New Family Structure Study by peer review panel is a victory for 1st Amendment right and the truth among destructiveness of gay parenting for children. The gay lifestyle is immoral, unhealthy and destructive. With the aggressive push by gay groups for adoption and acceptance gay parenting, this studies and many other show the debilitating effects on children from gay parents.

From M. Jones 
Its not just about the selfish sexual desires of adults, its the innocent children that will be forced to learn about homosexuality in schools and taught that its an acceptable life style choice. "Yes little Johnny, you too can marry your same sex friend and call that a marriage."
And last, and certainly animus-filled, OvercameSSA
Homosexuals don't need gay "marriage;" they need good psychiatrists.