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Comments 8/18 - 8/24

This week, I think, requires a bit of an introduction and a conclusion. So, if you'll indulge me for a few paragraphs before I present the selection of comments...

Brian Brown recently called for civility while on CNN. He did this in response to the SPLC standing by it's labeling of the FRC as a "hate group." Clearly, Mr. Brown believes that type of rhetoric is harmful to the overall discussion of the purpose of marriage in this country and whether or not marriage should be extended to same-sex couples nationwide as it has been in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York. and Iowa (pending in Washington and Maryland). It is with this call for civility in mind that I present this week's comments from Brian's organization's blog. 

This one comes from M. Jones 

Sadly in the marriage corruption movement, there is just no room for family values in the politics of sexual identity.

Here's one from Jeff 

The whole point of everything (as i stated many times before) is that gay people want "special rights" over eveyone else / they want to redefine the term 'marriage into their sick & twisted view / they want us who oppose them to accept their sick & perverted lifestyle & force little kids in school to be taught to accept their perverted lifestyle / they want those who speak out against them to be considered "hate speech" & put in prison just like in Europe. they'll stop at nothing to spread their sick & perverted agenda.

Savage and his gang want to be hated, because they use it to appear as victims, and they need to be hated in order to qualify for higher scrutiny judicial review when they go to court.
It was supposedly a journalism lecture, announced as such. The people responsible are the educators who set this program up, for award winning students. They must be held responsible, not out of hate, but out of professionalism.
We know their tactics...

Seems to me what marriage corruption supporters rail against isn't the actual physical bullying at the hands of autherntic Christians, but the bullying one internalizes when they are reminded of how their depravity is viewed in the context of nature and natures God whenever they happen upon authentic Christians.
Christianity and sexual depravity are incompatible with one another. It is in knowing that authentic Christians can never accept their proclivity as moral that sends these heathen over the edge.
You shine the light on the Devil and the Devil is going to scream.”

John B., a mistake was made. You and your male partner should never have been granted a marriage license in the first place, as your relationship doesn't include all of the factors that make marriage a unique relationship. DOMA is right to recognize only male/female public unions as marriage, for the sake of any laws regarding marriage. Other loving male/male relationships are not recognized as marriages, such as brothers, or fathers/sons, though they are as loving and commited as your relationship with your friend. If not all states treat your relationship as a marriage, it is not because you have a same-sex attraction. It is not because you engage in homosexual behavior. It is not because you subscribe to the gay political identity. It is because states recognize marriage as a male-female union, and your relationship doesn't include a female. the D.C. area has caused a lot of confusion by treating same-sex relationships the same as married opposite-sex relationships. That is regrettable, and we'll work to correct that mistake, by working to repeal the choices made by a few to neuter marriage.
As for those who have treated you with violence or threats of physical harm, that is, of course, reprehensible. I am truly sorry to hear of that.
Blog author comment: At least DoE says that violence and threats of physical harm are reprehensible. It is somewhat ironic given the threats of emotional harm DoE makes in the same comment by working to take away his marriage.
I think pedophilia and homosexuality are similar in that they are mental disorders in which people have sexual attractions to people with whom they are unable to procreate. The natural order of things is that people are sexually attracted to people in which sex serves its reproductive purpose.
That's not hatred. Yes, acts committed on children by pedophiles are vile, but no one is comparing the acts of pedophiles with the acts committed by homosexuals; just the disordered mental states.
This is a straw man argument promoted by homosexuals to get a knee-jerk emotional reaction.

In recent news, scientists discovered that homosexuals and their disillusioned activist supporters only use 5 percent of their brains rather than ten.

I feel sorry for a poor kid in that home that is being lied to about the importance of mothers. I wonder if the poor kid will have experience the horrific outcome of same sex parenting that Regenerus found in his research.

Many ssm supporters in academy have the warm-fuzzies for polygamy, and the ACLU supports it. If LGBTs really believe that their relationships are special enough to be placed alone on the marriage pedestal with conjugal unions, then they are sorely mistaken, short-sighted, and manipulated by the elites who have loftier goals in mind, i.e. the recognition and support of all families, with a move away from the privileging of sexual relationships. SSM is a way station to that goal.
Do read the comments under the article. Bruce does a great job handling the SSMers there.

Speaking of children where was the child? Why didn't the reporter ask if the child misses his mommy?

And to close out, Daughter of Eve, again 

"But to Dan, what you and I care about is all lies designed to hurt him and other gay people."

There is nothing you really can do about it, Brian, except to pray for him and continue to hold up the standard of real marriage. The real problem lies in the fact that in his heart of hearts, he doesn't know God's love for him, and can't love himself. So he projects his own sense of worthlessness onto others, desperately looking for validation from others, when the real source of love and validation is through Charity, or the pure love of Christ. Once he feels that in his life, he'll be able to find the good in others, and even feel love for them. That's as miraculous as parting the red sea--but miracles like that happen every day.

UPDATE: Here's one more from M. Jones

My heart aches for that poor little child of God who is without a mother and then subject to indoctrination, early sexualization and brain washing. it is always the innocents who suffer, and to walk away without being able to do anything about it, what a sad tragedy.

So Brian believes it is wrong to call a group hateful. However, it is apparently okay to ask an adopted child if he misses his mother, as well as wondering if the child will suffer similarly to the children of a discredited study. It is not hateful at all to suggest that the child is then subject to brainwashing, just by virtue of being raised by two gay men. It is also okay to conflate gay marriage with polygamy and pedophilia, and call homosexuality "perverted, sick and twisted." It is also okay to suggest that a married gay man's love for his husband is the same as the love a father feels for his son; judging that gay man as "projecting a sense of worthlessness onto others" is equally "loving" (here loving meaning not hateful), because he "wants to be hated".

Repeatedly referring to gay marriage supporters as "marriage corruption" supporters is not hateful at all, nor is suggesting that homosexuals "use only 5 percent of their brain", since homosexuals "are mentally disordered." 

While Brian might want to call for civility in the ongoing marriage debate, perhaps he should look to his own side first before accusing marriage equality advocates of being uncivil. 

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