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From Leo: Christ,
First of all, who cares!!!! NOM and its supporters are fighting to preserve marriage and to persuade others not to buy into SSM politics. You as the opposition do not concern us. This is not a political fight; NOM is not a political organization. This is not a hate group but we are not looking out for the wellbeing of those who participate in homosexuality. Myself and others are working on the premise that SSM/homosexuality is wrong and should not be seen as something worthy of a debate for obvious reason, the idea brings nothing to the table(to society) but destruction. Personally, for one to argue that NOM is being hypocritical because it picks winners and losers is the same as saying that marriage is not a superior institution over same sex marriage (which came into existence only a few years ago). This notion is coming from a person who is either gay or a sympathizers/gay advocate, viewing this life and death type of issue like a game. Real marriage, heterosexual relationships are serious issues with serious consequences if not kept in checked. Man/woman coupling is not symbolic of a lifestyle but a life necessity... The LGBT culture deals with behavioral issues and sexual disorders or gender confusion, which is part of life that is abnormal or out of balanced. I’m not making this stuff up just do the research!
Christ, whether you are gay or a gay sympathizer, you’re giving the practice of sodomy way too much value when it doesn’t deserve any! Talk about fair, it’s unfair that we even NEED NOM and other organizations to protect and defend what is fundamental and unique (marriage between man/woman) to society…
Now, for the record, CFA is a Christian own business and has been since the beginning, their views and opposition on gay marriage is obvious to any intelligent person; Starbucks and those other businesses who are sympathetic to homosexuals to the extent of promoting that life style to their predominant heterosexual clients without their permission or sensitive to the values of their base consumers. This behavior by those companies are simply wrong and NOM is in the right to call them out on it, which is the basis for their boycotts against these companies and clearly legal. On the other hand, CFA is right to cater to its base while being “tolerant” of those who identify themselves as so-call ”gay”. Christ, you probably want to avoid having a real debate here over what is fair and what isn’t, or which side is being ethical or not. Again, for the record, there is a culture war in the US, who said war must be played fair?

The revolution that has been upon us for a long time is now coming to fruition under Obama, champion of all things that are anti-Christian. The incrementalism of this revolution leaves the facade of America standing but cunningly strips it of all meaning. Those who call for tolerance are the most intolerant. Tolerance to them is submission, capitulation, and accommodation with the world which Christians can never do. Even as this public skirmish was waged, Obama and his allies are in our schools with curriculum that calls for kindergartners to be told that same sex marriage is equal to one man and one woman, to indoctrinate children by the fourth grade that feelings for the same sex is a natural expression and by the eighth grade to be given material to...choose their own gender. The family, as prescribed since the dawn of man, is now the enemy of the leviathan and all who worship at the altar of secularism and hedonism. When a Christian hesitates to express his beliefs for fear of offending the world, those who would destroy free expression have won.

Satan will never win out over God...never.
He may think he is in the lead, but he's going down.
Christians, stand strong. Let God's love shine through like a beacon.
I've been told many times "10% of the population is gay"...well that means 90% of the population is not.

Gay extremists have been bullying society for far too long and inventing a lot of fairy-tales about how they are always victimized. They twist everything to make themselves look like the victims. Hooray that at last the silent majority is rousing itself to tell the nutcases to shut the hell up! The truth is that endless hate and intolerance are being spread by gay fanatics who want to take over the whole world.
This Smith guy on the video did NOT just express a personal opinion, he insulted, harangued and abused an innocent woman in an appalling manner. I am glad he was sacked and I hope that Anthony Piccola will also be sacked for crawling and grovelling to the gay bullies.
This factor will decide the next Presidential election and true marriage WILL WIN.
First they encourage kids to question their orientation in public schools, then they make it illegal to get therapy for what's been forced on them.
Makes perfect sense to the insane.
Nice job, NOM.
The mask is slipping, more and more.
The homosexualist radicals are at war with parents, with marriage, with families, and most disturbing of all, with children.
Simply can't let these deceivers win.

Homosexuality doesn't make sense, MGC.
Certainly there are very few absurdities ever concocted in all of human history, that make less sense than gay "marriage".
JC -
Only a man and a woman can create a child; despite what homosexuals would like to believe, that's a fact and it is a big deal worthy of special attention by the government and society.
Sure, there are those who believe this is purely a religious issue, but there is a secular purpose that true marriage serves that so-called same-sex "marriage" cannot: the union of a mom and a dad with their offspring.
In fact, every same-sex couple who adopts a child, adopts a child who was taken away from one or both if his/her parents: the very opposite of what marriage is designed to encourage!
Every time fair-minded people have agreed to civil unions for same-sex couples we've been betrayed. That civil union has been used as a legal argument for redefining marriage.
The opposition argues that real married couples adopt children, too. That's true, sometimes they do. But that adoption places the child in a home with a man and a woman, which is the best environment for that child.
Overcame is correct that when you see a same-sex couple in possession of a child, that child has been removed from the ideal environment or manufactured with the premeditated intent of depriving that child of a mother or a father. 100% of the time.
Getting back to the topic, the opposition despises 1A and they ought to just come out and say it. It stands squarely in the way of the socialist state they wish to create. Never question they'd abolish it if they could.

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