Friday, August 17, 2012

Deleted Posts, Pt. 1

One of the other features I'd like to add to this blog are comments that have been deleted by NOM's filters, to illustrate what NOM does NOT allow on it's filter. There are only two so far, as I started taking screencaps of comments I have made that have been deleted. If you have any comments you have made that have been deleted, please feel free to email me at Please keep your comments submissions respectful. I will post an update of deleted posts once a week.

Also, I know I have not been adding screen caps so far of NOM's comments, instead opting for permalinking them and transcribing them. If I find this to be problematic (i.e. NOM starts deleting comments I am posting here) then I will begin to screencap them to add to the blog.

First, from the blog post :

Next, from the blog post:

If you will notice, I have done my best to be respectful of others in my posts. However, NOM's moderators have deemed my posts inappropriate while deeming comments like "gays have worn out their welcome. Time to go back in the closet" to stand.

As well as absurd comments like: The ultimate goal isn't marriage--it is anarchy such that families will be so fragmented they will have to depend on the government, at which point the power hungry can unburden us of all our liberties, and make us slaves, as has been done in other Marxist/communist countries. " 

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