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Comments 8/8 to 8/17

A brief note on this week's comments: most of them come from posts related to the tragic shooting of the guard at the FRC this week, as NOM has devoted numerous, frequently commented posts to the matter. I NEVER condone violence against ANYONE on either side of the debate, and condemn all violent actions taken against people for merely supporting a position in a debate. Please do not think I am attempting to capitalize on the tragedy; this post is only intended to reflect what comments NOM posters have made on the posts from NOM blog.

From Sophianova:
Shouldn't a bisexual person be allowed to legally marry two people, one man and one woman?

From Daughter of Eve:

It's not incumbant on NOM to promote morally bankrupt false marriage paradigms, or to promote the rationally indefensible.

From OvercameSSA

If FRC should be labeled as a hate organization, then I think the Huffington Post should be labeled as a hate organization.
One of the issues that homosexuals deem to be "hateful" is the comparison of pedophilia to homosexuality. Well, as a heterosexual, I find the comparison of homosexuality to heterosexuality to be hateful. Heterosexuality involves the use of sexual organs for their intended purpose that leads to the creation of children and the perpetuation of the species. Homosexuality involves always involves the use of sexual organs that never lead to procreation. Comparing people who act in a procreative manner to those who act only in a non-procreating manner is hateful.
Homosexuals obviously hate heterosexuals and their propensity to procreate.
SPLC has blood on its hands.
It is a true "hate group".
It is finished, and deservedly so.
All credibility gone.
When you publish a hate group list, and it turns out those are the groups getting shot at by crazies, you are toast.
Ciao Southern Poverty Lie Center.
Glad to see NOM shining a light on the dark places. Of course the SPLC is terse-- they promote darkness. Has anyone clued them in that one of the leading causes of poverty is due to fatherless homes? SSM is govt. endorsed fatherlessness, w/ negative consequences that transcend the sexual identities of adults. Their scorn is misdirected. But then, they are clearly a front for sexual identity politics. They don't care about the actual causes or solutions to poverty.
We not only read them with an open mind, we have rejected yours from an informed conscience, Rich.
Your problem consists in attempting to describe opinions with which you do not agree as "hate speech".
I happen to believe in the First Amendment, and could care less whether your side wishes to attempt to run its utterly discredited "bigot" meme up the flagpole, despite its having lost you thirty three straight elections.
The real issue is here is a tendency among some in the gay rights movement to encourage acts of violence against supporters of traditional marriage.
@loving -
Both pedophilia and homosexuality involve a mental crossing of the wires, as it were. We call on pedophiles to resist their disordered urges, and it is reasonable to call on homosexuals to do the same.
Male homosexuality and the natural promiscuity of males is a formula for the spread of STDs; this is fact. Some men who commit sodomy with other males also have sex with women, spreading STDs such as HIV/AIDS to the heterosexual community. This is all very dangerous behavior and we should be encouraging research to prevent and/or cure same-sex attraction, not celebrate it.
If Jake's idea of "hate speech" includes the truthful statement that same sex attraction is objectively disordered, then we are going to be at loggerheads.
Same sex attraction *is* objectively disordered.
Terrorism and hate crimes begin when one starts advocating, or practicing, shooting the victims of a given disorder.
Free speech includes the right to tell the truth about the homosexual disorder.
How trite... After the massively successful Chik-Fil-A Buy-cott...some gay dude gets all jazzed up and buys twelve sandwiches and takes his gun to FRC..
Why...because the FRC is a "hate group"..
Every time Chik-Fil-A was in the news they would mention that donation and the fact that SPLC had labeled it a "hate group"
So this gay guy was given license to shot up the FRC because there in the same list with the KKK..
And its as simple and obvious as that..
It is the particular form of child abuse involving indoctrination in homosexualist anti values that is most relevant.
The recent piece on Canadian enforced mind-control role playing exercises for pupils, involving "six genders", is an example of this sort of child abuse.
Under gay "marriage" laws, neither children nor parents would have the slightest legal recourse.
Same sex "marriage" must be defeated.
For the sake of our children.
@DN, you are a piece a work! Gays will do anything to push their agenda. Fortunately, their strategy is failing. Chick Fil A awakened the dragon; gays have worn out their welcome. Time to go back in the closet. BTW, why don't you stop buying gas since a lot of the oil come from hate mongering countries.
How long before the shooter is invited to the White House?
A night to honor him for his courage in the fight for equality and dignity. Sitting at the table will be Dan Savage, Hillary Clinton, Obama and a room full of invited LGBT members
(and their backers and instigators) proud to have come so far and fought so hard.
No I am not okay with it. I am okay with a country trying to discourage homosexual habit forming behavior or confusion to the 80 to 98 percent of their children who where not born that way but who can be taught that way.
And the death penalty is a mechanism of state law, it is not arbitrary violence. Meaning that the eventual criminal would not be killed, assassinated, but would be executed. And no I would not be okay with it. But I do understand the policy of putting such a law into place whether it was to be used or not. Though I do find it excessive and not necessary. And apparently Uganda also feels it is not necessary to put such a law into place. Though the talk of it is helpful to them in keep their country from becoming a honeymoon getaway place for Western *cautelaged couples.
More than all else I am okay with a country refusing to take away the only word that uniquely names the committed man-woman union.
* same-sex committed union.

Maybe going back in the closet is a little excessive Carlos. But demanding that it be kept in the bedroom (or in the home) would be more than reasonable.
Keep it out of the streets, out of the schools, out of the entertainment industry and out of our children's heads. If not, than it becomes understandable that talk of putting it back in the closet comes up.
Carlos, homosexuality IS a choice. Same-sex ATTRACTION may not be a choice, but sexual behavior is always a choice. To say otherwise is to abdicate personal responsiblity for personal choices. If the FRC is taking the position that homosexuality is a choice, they are correct and accurate. To condemn them for telling the truth is to stick one's head in the sand, and invite undesrieable consequences.
@Daughter of Eve, homosexuality is a choice. It has been scientifically proven there is no gay gene. Gays have tried to bully the scientific community to prove otherwise. The sexual act is what labels a person gay./homosexual. Gays try to argue it is not all about sex, but we know the truth. It is all about sexual freedom, rebellion, and promiscuity. It is a choice to want to perform a perverted act, just like pedophilia. Sexual behavior is not a civil right.
Self- hating, freedom- oppressing militant gays with guns= Scary.
Browse on over to to read how the tolerance mob are showing their true rotten colors yet again.
Gays are not born that way. They chose the lifestyle, which involves immoral sexual behavior and promiscuity. If they are attracted to the same sex, they can abstain and/or seek professional help. Pedophiles also state they were born that way. Does that give them the right to abuse children. Where will it end. smdh
Well said, Fitz. The ultimate goal isn't marriage--it is anarchy such that families will be so fragmented they will have to depend on the government, at which point the power hungry can unburden us of all our liberties, and make us slaves, as has been done in other Marxist/communist countries. North Korea, anyone?
The SPLC and those that support that corrupt and despicable organization have blood on their hands for being the true hate peddlers in this day and age.
Sad news but this isn't surprising. Considering how desperate and unhinged the hard core homosexual movement has become these types of events will only increase as time goes by.
The shooter will get what he deserves. In prison gays are considered scum. There is no debate and philosophical discussions on homosexuality. You either a man or a sweet bun. Oh well... I guess the next big cause for gays will be advocating for separate prisons.
Time to call a spade a spade and call the Democratic Party a hate group bent on fomenting such extremism and violence.
Remember they once endorsed the OWS rejects and their violent rhetoric
Spunky @ 103:
1) The FRC has published numerous publications that accuse homosexuals of being pedophiles, an accusation that is known to be false. Tony Perkins defended these accusations on national television by misrepresenting studies on pedophilia.
2) Peter Sprigg, an FRC fellow, believes homosexuality should be criminalized, something he had no problem sharing on national TV.
I said:
Spunky, I don't see the hate for people who BEHAVE BADLY in these statements. For example, I don't like to be around people who smoke, does not mean I hate those people who spoke.
Point 1, T
ony is factually correct linking homosexuality with pedophilia, and is one of the KEY reasons why the Boy Scouts of America has just recently affirmed their BAN on homosexuality members despite the increase LGBT opposition.
Point 2., you make in your comment: "Peter Sprigg, an FRC fellow, believes homosexuality should be criminalized, something he had no problem sharing on national TV".
Peter Spigg "consensus" on immoral behavior compare to the same assessment made about pedephilia back in the day, is the same. This is not hate speeh,he made a legislative proposition to voters as part of governing our society, clearly legal and appropriate. Poligamy, and pot followed the same consciece view and legal process in the effort to protect the population at large.
Viewing Peter perspective when it comes to the health risk involve in homosexuality, I agree with him that homosexuality should be criminalized( should have happen a long time ago), and the shooting incident at the FRC only strengthens this proposal.
However, if Peter had said he wanted to take the life of those who participate in sodomy, that would be consider "hate speech" and promoting violence. The LGBT then would have a rare legit argument to go after him...

The difference, Jake, is that minorities were really being denied rights, while those with same-sex attractions, or those who engage in homosexual behavior, or those who ascribe to the sexual political identity called "gay" are not actually denied any rights. One can't logically conflate "gay" with "same-sex." Apples and oranges.

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